• John Skulley, Former CEO, Apple Inc.
  • Ram Prasad, General Manager, Thought Works, Hyderabad.
  • L. Pratap Reddy, Former R&D Dean, JNTUH and working chairman of Swecha.


Digital Freedom Hackathon is aimed at providing freedom for software, hardware and internet with a vision to get freedom by saying NO to proprietary software’s which spy on you. The features of digital freedom is to distribute, decentralize and democratic which teaches the students to doubt, think, communicate, question, to make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes and most importantly have fun in their learning.

Event Summary


When we speak about ‘Digital Freedom’ it is universal access, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to privacy, and right to creativity, development and innovation. This Hackathon creates awareness about freedom of use, development and innovation. This Hackathon is a place where all the enthusiastic students, Developers and Hactivits come together to hack and contribute to projects which are aligned with the principles of Software Freedom, Hardware Freedom and Internet Freedom.

Project Themes

Healthcare – To have more effective and inclusive health system increased availability and use of digital technology.

Agriculture- By using technology farmers will be able to take agriculture to new heights and continues to grow in lesser cultivating lands by applying new methods to undergo digital transformation.

Transport- Transportation industry is at a greater level of exactness and precision along with higher amounts of automation.

Education- Need of technology for computers equipped with free software, content and curriculum.

Housing- Smart cities are the future of urban development.