One Week Internship Program


  • L. Pratap Reddy, Former R&D Dean, JNTUH and working chairman of Swecha.
  • Ranjith Raj.V, Research Scholar IIIT-H, Executive member of Swecha.
  • P, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  • G, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mythri, Web Developer, Swecha.
  • Roja Rani, Python Developer at GSPANN.
  • Bhavabhuthi, Web Developer at TCS, Hactivist at Swecha.
  • Manikanta Kumar, Full Stack Developer, GSPANN.
  • Varun, Python Developer at Swecha.
  • Keshava Murari, Mobile Developer, Technovert.
  • Peddarajulu, Technical Director, OmniTech Solutions
  • Supriya, Activist, Swecha Developer.
  • SriHarsha, Hactivist, Swecha Data Analytics, GSPANN
  • Pavan, Research Scholar IIIT-H, Virtual labs.


Internship is a great way to develop skills in your work place. Internships provide students the ability to participate in a field of their choice to receive hands-on learning from experts of industry and academia to improve their skills. Internships is all about sharing your ideas, seeking new experiences and discovering who you really are! Internship is a platform where you can step-up your career and experience innovation.

 Event Summary


One Week Internship was aimed at improving students learning capability with a team driven environment. Going beyond the simple technology like introduction of assignments, this internship provides an integrated system that consolidates technology learning through project simulation .During the course of internship, the Participants had games, impact sessions, Team building activities and much more. This internship assures satisfying learning experience in emerging technologies by interactive and effective training aiming to bridge the gap between IT and academia.

This internship program was conducted for duration of 10 days from July 26th, 27th and  August 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 13th and 14th , 2019. Out of these days, 5 days sessions were held at MVSR Engineering College on consecutive Fridays and Saturdays, and remaining 5 days were online sessions which included online tasks, quizzes and projects. Students were invited to attend project sprint sessions at Swecha Office on Sundays. As a part of this, students were invited for a “Digital Freedom Hackathon” which was scheduled on August 10th and 11th, 2019. Students explored about the technologies like Agile, modern web, HTML, CSS, Python, Pandas.etc. Over 275 students from BE Sem-III CSE & IT have participated in this internship Program.

Digital Freedom Hackathon is aimed at providing freedom for software, hardware and internet with a vision to get freedom by saying NO to proprietary software’s which spy on you. The features of digital freedom is to distribute, decentralize and democratic which teaches the students to doubt, think, communicate, question, to make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes and most importantly have fun in their learning.