About Us

MVSR Libre- Free and Open Source Developers Club, focuses on contributing to open-source projects and working on local community problems. It is a part of Mozilla TS&AP community, Swecha Organization, Free Software Movement of India which create opportunities to learn, explore and network with diverse set of people that enables knowledge sharing. Primary goal of this club is to make the students learn about technologies like GIT, OSM, RUST, Afame.io, GNU Linux, Debian, JavaScript, OpenDesign Tools, WebXR and many more.

Who are we?

“MVSR LIBRE is a Students Club that provides a common platform for students to Interact, Collaborate, Innovate and Improve one’s Coding Skills through Coding Contests, Hackathons, and Learning Emerging Technologies through Tech Talks, Panel Discussions, Hands-on sessions and learning emerging technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence ,Machine Learning, IoT, Networks ,Cyber Security, Big Data and Data Science that help students to reach the acme amongst the others.

What we do ?

The club focuses on extracting hidden talent of the students in the field of computing by improving and enhancing the technical skill set of the students which helps them to develop as a skillful Computer Science Engineer by: collaborating with experts from leading software industries and organizations, promoting open source tools to support open knowledge and open innovations and -conducting events like TechTalks, Webinars, Workshops, Hackathons, and Coding Contest etc. To achieve this, MVSR Libre Club has the following wings for doing different activities.

MVSR GLUG – GNU/Linux user groups are the means of spreading the idea of free software, hardware, and philosophy in collaboration with Swecha.

Womenzoid – This club mainly focuses on Educate and empower women who are determined to advance their tech careers by provide a platform of connections, resources and opportunities for Women in Technology.

Techconnect “LEARN BEYOND ACADEMICS” – This club aims to drive students to actively participate and learn from Alumni, faculty and peers. The club events like FDSP’s, Seminars, etc. helps the students and faculty to learn new technologies

Codeninja – This provides a platform for students, young software professionals to practice, hone their programming skills through online contests and make it big in the world of algorithms, computer programming.